Margutta Place - Luxury Suites
Tranquility and elegance in the heart of Rome

Welcome to Margutta Place Luxury Suites

A heaven of tranquility, comfort and elegance in the heart of Rome. Treat yourself to an authentic stay in a luxury apartment in the historical and artistic Via Margutta, the inspiring muse and home of artists, just a stone’s throw from the main attractions of the capital.

On a Via Margutta

Federico Fellini

“Via Margutta, it is now clear
that it beats all of them
because it is unique and special
and there is nothing equal in this world!”

'Via Margutta' a popular song by

Luca Barbarossa

“My love see how beautiful the sky is in Via Margutta tonight,
if you look at it now it doesn’t seem to be the same sky
of the bombings, painters, young poets and their love stories
secretly consumed in a café.”